Managing the careers of artists we believe in.


12inch01The backbone of the Sportn’ Life Music Group is hard work and passion.  This Seattle based music management firm and record label embodies the ethic that slow and steady wins the race. We realize that a career in music is a marathon not a sprint.

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Featured Artist

Fly-Moon-RoyaltyDichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction.

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Radio Raheem_slider Sportn’ Life Music Group is home to several talented recording artists, covering genres ranging from New Wave to R&B and Hip-Hop. Be sure to check out our frequently updated calendar for upcoming tour dates and music festivals to see if they’re playing in a city near you!

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