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The backbone of the Sportn’ Life Music Group is hard work and passion. This Seattle based music management agency embodies the ethic that slow and steady wins the race. We realize that a career in music is a marathon not a sprint. All of our work is centered on building longevity, and not the quick payout.  Whether it’s negotiating with labels, promoters and agents, creating revenue streams, online permeation or organizing the daily schedule of an artist, we always aim for progression and excellence. When helping to steer the path of a musician’s career; relationships, teamwork, accountability and transparency are what we pride ourselves on.

In 2002 Sportn’ Life was Co-founded by DeVon Manier as a Hip Hop record label to be used as a vehicle to foster young artists and shed much needed light on the music they were creating. A Los Angeles native, who grew up 25 miles south of Seattle, got his feet wet familiarizing himself with his dads record collection, helping out friends bands, dee-jaying parties, and programing drum machines. Manier has managed and release albums from independent artists such as Nissim (aka D.Black), Fatal Lucciauno, Fly Moon Royalty, Spac3man, Radio Raheem, Larry Hawkins & Davey Jones, Future Shock and SK.

The grass roots DIY approach is a longstanding tradition when it comes to promoting music from the Pacific Northwest. From its humble beginnings promoting in the streets and selling CD’s out of car trunks, to selling music on consignment and working out of bars & coffee shops to deals with national distributors, and eventually occupying office space downtown, Sportn’ Life has always adapted to its surroundings while keeping up with technology and the ever changing environment of the music industry. Today we continue to please our reverent community of fans, and build on our reputation for working with authentic, sincere, artists that create quality music.


Proud supporters of KEXP, Seattle City of Music I Partners: BDC, The Orchard, Rogue Octopus, ASCAP, BMI

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