Future Shock

Future Shock

Genre: Afro New Wave/Electronic/80’s







Hailing from Kepler 22b in the Cygnus Constellation 600 light years away from Earth, the members of Future Shock (RayGunand The Doctor), came to this tiny blue planet to share their audible vision. In the late 1980s, the duo was exiled from Earth for being too outspoken about the sound being forced on the population. That sound, the uninspired and factory-generated radio pollution plaguing our airwaves, still persist to this day. Unfortunately, also cast away were their many followers forced underground to avoid the imprisonment of convention.No longer willing to be confined by their art, the two fugitives have returned to continue their rebellion against the industry. To avoid detection, the two craftsmen shield their identities behind masks so that their music is the focus of attention. Byremaining anonymous during performances and interviews, they continue to elude detection from the megacorp overseers that banished them.

Their renewed mission on Earth is to restore the damaged pineal glands of music listeners to their original state. The melodious vibes that Future Shock emit are reminiscent of sounds from an era that was pure and free, before the takeover that had them exiled. Listening to their brand of new wave funk produces the déjà vu sensation of great acts such as David Bowie, Parliament-Funkadelic, Duran-Duran, and Kraftwerk yet still encompassing its own unique and uncanny sound.

There have been reported sightings of the evaders at the performing at Bite of Seattle, The Capitol Hill Block Party, Northwest Folklife, Macefield Music Festival and they’ve even transmitted sounds live in studio from KEXP 90.3 Seattle. They have also been said to share the stage with the likes of College, Strange Talk, The Dan Reed Network, Fresh Espresso and Fly Moon Royalty just to name a few. In 2015 they we’re named on Nada Mucho’s list of favorite 37 Bands in Seattle.

The Future Shock brother’s mission to cure mediocrity isn’t an easy one, yet the underground recent release of their debut EP Secret Weapon in 2015 was a great start. If you ever encounter the unseen Ray and Doc, be prepared to be recruited into their sonic revolution.





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